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About the Gambia
Situation Map Afrika Location and History
The Gambia is a small country in West Africa (4'000 sq. miles or 11'200 sq. km). It is surrounded by Senegal on all sides (see map), except on the Atlantic coast. The two countries have close ethnic and cultural ties. In contrast to Senegal, a former French colony, The Gambia was colonized by Britain and became independent on 1 February 1965.

Key features
Known as the `smiling coast', The Gambia has much to offer all year round: from its unsophisticated charm, miles of deserted palm-fringed beaches, spacious tropical gardens and nature reserves to quality hotels, craft markets, interesting excursions up country and some of the most friendly people on earth.

Getting there
Less than 6 hours from most European destinations, The Gambia is an attractive destination and offers warm hospitality to those looking for a real alternative to the resorts of Europe, but at competitive prices.
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